Sync GoCardless with Xero

Bookkeeping for GoCardless made easy:
connect GoCardless to Xero and transfer
transactions in real time.

KEY features of GoCardless

GoCardless is a payments platform built on Direct Debit, which automatically collects payments from customers on due dates. It takes on the mission to chase payments and ensure timely reconciliation, thus cutting down operational costs and ensuring better cash flow. GoCardless is especially popular with subscription services and businesses requiring recurring payments (e.g. gym membership).

Pain points

Large amounts of time for data transfer from GoCardless to Xero.
No possibility to select GoCardless
as a bank account.
Reconciliation issues.

the solution

By adding GoCardless and Xero as BankFeeds integrations, you can import transaction details in real time. Once imported, they will be automatically recorded
in the corresponding accounts, according to the bookkeeping rules you set.

How to synchronize the transactions from GoCardless to Xero?

  1. You will first have to add Xero as an integration to your BankFeeds account. This will import your bookkeeping accounts.
  2. Next, you will have to set up GoCardless integration in the Payment Processors tab and manually select the associated accounts and fees for sales, expenditures and taxes. Make sure to be logged in to your GoCardless account, as BankFeeds will redirect you there to confirm setup.
  3. Set up your accounting rules: select Xero accounts, types of transactions and tax rates. From now on, BankFeeds will automatically import your charges, refunds, fees, adjustments and payouts to the accounts you selected in real time.
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Integrate GoCardless with Xero

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