Import Payments to
Xero in Real-Time

Automate your payment data import to Xero.
Connect Stripe, Shopify, WooCommerce,
GoCardless & Pin Payments all at once.
Have your Xero accounts updated in real-time.

KEY features of XERO

Xero is a leading online accounting software designed as a time-saver for small businesses.
Instant import and
categorization of transactions
(banking/PayPal/credit cards)
Automated creation, mailing,
and tracking of invoices
Seamless payroll and tax

Pain points

Data transfer from Stripe to Xero takes a long time
No possibility to select Stripe as a bank account
Reconciliation issues

the solution

By using BankFeeds, you can connect

  • Stripe and Xero
  • GoCardless and Xero
  • Pin Payments and Xero
  • Shopify and Xero

Set your bookkeeping rules in Xero, and

let BankFeeds automatically categorize the imported

transactions from all payment platforms at once.

Synchronize transactions from Bankfeeds to Xero

  1. Add Xero as an integration to your BankFeeds account & BankFeeds as a new Bank Account in Xero. This will import your bookkeeping accounts.
  2. Set up Stripe, GoCardless, Pin Payments, or Shopify in the Payment Processors tab.
  3. Select the associated Xero accounts for sales, fees, refunds, adjustments, disputes, payouts, and taxes. From now on, BankFeeds will automatically import your charges, refunds, fees, adjustments, and payouts to the accounts you selected in real-time.
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Streamline your payments data import to Xero

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