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  • Stripe Payments synced to Xero
  • Stripe Transfers synced to Xero
  • Stripe Fees synced to Xero
  • Stripe Refunds synced to Xero
  • Unlimited Stripe transactions

What our customers are saying...

We used Stripe to capture payments in our store then although Stripe was transferring payments to our bank account, we could never rely on Xero for date accurate books and Tax Assessments. This solves it & automates it.

I make startups fast. We love Stripe for its fast setup and we love xero for its cloud system. We have hated the lack of a bank feed for stripe, this is now solved for some loose change.

Our issue with alternatives is they aren't secure. They use hacks or workarounds to get data from Stripe into Xero. We needed something scalable and secure.

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