Bankfeeds syncs your Shopify business to Xero

Bankfeeds is a smart connector between your Shopify and Xero accounts It runs in the background and automatically syncs and reconciles Shopify to Xero, saving you hours every month

Smart transaction handling

Shopify invoices, charges, fees, payouts, refunds, and taxes all accounted for automatically in real-time

Blazing fast setup

Bankfeeds takes less than 5 minutes to connect. True promise

Historical data support

Your transactions across all time managed and accounted for

How it works

1. Create Your Account

Sign up in under a minute. We have a 14-day free trial with no commitments.

2. Connect Shopify and Xero

Link your Shopify and Xero accounts to Bankfeeds. We don't store your credentials, we only use secure APIs to transfer data

3. Configure Your Setup

Map accounts for sales, refunds, fees, and payouts. Choose how to handle taxes. It won’t take more than 5 minutes.

4. Enjoy the Autopilot

From now on, transactions will flow through to Xero automatically. We check all historical transactions, you can rest assured that none will be missing or duplicated.




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What customers are saying

We used Stripe to capture payments in our store then although Stripe was transferring payments to our bank accounts, we could never rely on Xero for date accurate books and Tax Assessments. This solves it & automates it.

Founder -
I make startups fast. We love Stripe for its fast setup and we love Xero for its cloud system. We have hated the lack of a bank feed for Stripe; this is now solved.

Serial Entrepreneur
Our team spend hours each month reconciling data from Stripe to Xero. This is a godsend!!

Founder -
WP Elevation

Put Your Accounting on Autopilot with Bankfeeds

A 5-minute setup will save you hours