The easiest way to connect Stripe to Xero

If your company uses Stripe for online payments and Xero for accounting, you need to connect Stripe to Xero and get that data out of Stripe and into Xero.

Maybe you’ve been doing it by hand. By exporting your data from Stripe in an Excel file, manually cleaning it, and then uploading it into Xero. Or maybe you’ve taken the first step towards automating it. Possibly by using Stripe’s built-in Xero integration, only to quickly find out that it falls short of expectations and still requires much more manual work than you would like.

user frustrated trying to connect stripe to xero

We would love to introduce you to Bankfeeds. Bankfeeds is the easiest way to connect Stripe to Xero. In the famous words of late night 1990s infomercials, with Bankfeeds you can “Set it and Forget it”!

If you want to jump right in and connect Stripe to Xero in about 5 minutes, you can jump right in HERE. If you want to know more, keep reading!

How it Works

Bankfeeds is a smart pipeline that connects Stripe to Xero. It runs in the background and processes invoices, payments, taxes (including VAT and GST), feeds, refunds, etc…you’re entire business inside of Stripe. Then, it accounts for these transactions automatically in your Xero account. Bankfeeds has smart defaults and suggestions for how to set up your company’s integration. It is also fully customizable to handle the needs of nearly any business.

To find out more specifics, check out our page that covers all the features and transparent pricing (and don’t worry, there’s a completely free trial and you can cancel anytime)

Connect Stripe to Xero with Bankfeeds in 5 minutes

Bankfeeds offers a complete solution for automatically managing your Stripe and Xero data together. It’s quick to setup and hands off to operate. You get your entire Stripe business synced to Xero in real-time, exactly how you want to account for it.

We offer a 14-day free trial, check out the entire product rundown.

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