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How to Do Accounting with Stripe

When you accept a credit card payment, you probably aren’t thinking about how to record the transaction in your accounting ledger. Instead, you’re excited to make a sale or book a service. Accounting with Stripe (or another payment processor) is … Read More

10 Accounting Definitions Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Know

Whether you are a bookkeeper or a business owner, knowing common accounting terms helps you manage your financial strategy. While there are hundreds of terms to know about accounting, here are ten accounting definitions that you may hear (or need … Read More

Bookkeeping For Stripe eCommerce

This article will provide a quick overview of how to get started with BankFeeds to automate bookkeeping for your small business with Stripe and Xero. It is aimed at the person who has Stripe set up on their website, and … Read More

BankFeeds Product Tour

This product tour details everything you need to get started using BankFeeds and how it can save you hours every month. We’ll cover: How it Works Your Dashboard Accounting and Tax Configuration Historical Data Imports How it Works BankFeeds is … Read More